Fri / 12 June 2020

Outdoor Dining Returns to San Francisco

Beginning Friday (6/12), restaurants in San Francisco will be able to offer sit-down dining, a few days ahead of the projected reopening.  So it’s time to think about getting outdoors and supporting our local foodie scene in person.

Since mid-March, San Francisco restaurants have been able to offer only takeout and delivery service to customers. Now the dining establishments may operate under the condition that they adhere to proper distancing and health and safety protocols.

Plan ahead. Keep in mind that tables are going to be in high demand given there won’t be as many of them at any given restaurant.

The details governing the outdoor dining protocol were covered in a recent SFChronicle article.

The new announcement applies only to restaurants that have permits for sit-down dining. Those that already have outdoor patios may take advantage of the newly loosened restrictions Friday. Those without established outdoor dining areas may apply for a permit under the city’s new Shared Spaces Program, which was developed by the city’s Economic Recovery Task Force, to use spaces such as sidewalks, parking lanes, streets and plazas for pick-up and outdoor dining.

All diners must follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks until seated and remain outside of the restaurant except to use a bathroom inside. And dining parties sitting at the same table will be limited to groups of six, unless they are from the same household.

The following is a short list of nearby restaurants which are opening their patios.

June 15 – Head to the waterfront and enjoy patio dining at nearby Waterbar.  The popular and scenic venue recently announced that they are now accepting patio reservations starting June 15th (and later!). Place your reservation now here.

June 15 – Red’s Java House has some prime outdoor seating, with sweeping views of the Bay Bridge. Enjoy the old school vibes and simple, hamburger while you take it all in.

June 15 – Epic Steak reopens for patrons who enjoy dishes like filet, smoked brisket, or a delicious juicy hamburger while getting your dose of sunshine.

June 13 – Mission Rock Resort will have outdoor dining available this Friday. For the weekend ahead, they will be doing walk ins only on their dining patio. For the week of 6/15 and beyond, you can make a reservation on their website.

As this is a highly fluid and dynamic time with new announcements all the time, be sure to read more about restaurant openings here and here.

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