Tue / 9 June 2020

Take a Walk in the Park

Just 0.4 miles from your home at Jasper, a beautiful San Francisco landmark park is waiting to be explored. Salesforce Park is located seventy feet above the Grand Hall in the Salesforce Transit Center and open to the public as well as the sky. Running the entire length of the center, the 5.4-acre rooftop park stretches nearly 4 blocks and features a beautiful landscape with 600 trees and 16,000 plants arranged in 13 different botanical feature areas. Talk a walk in the park today!


In a setting where the topography blurs the distinction between rooftop and ground level, the park integrates a Main Plaza glass floor, expansive lawns, and gentle hills. Ample seating and grassy open areas provide ample spaces for relaxing, reading, picnicking, or joining the activity offerings. The entire 5.4 acres is surrounded by feature gardens with year-round displays.  Anchoring the western end is a desert garden, while an attractive wetland garden enhances the eastern edge. Two domed architectural skylights and a centrally positioned oculus flood the terminal below with daylight.

About the Gardens

This park has a layered soil system that balances seismic shifting, collects and filters storm-water, and irrigates the gardens. Additionally, the soil build-up and dense planting help offset the urban heat island effect by lowering the air temperature. The gardens showcase the wide variety of plants that grow in California’s Mediterranean climate as well as the diversity of plants from several of the world’s other Mediterranean climate zones. Each of those areas, from Mediterranean Europe to western Australia, is featured in its own location in the park. The park’s different gardens allow visitors to also appreciate the climatic conditions and environments from drought to fog, desert to forest that exist in California.The park and all plantings were designed by PWP Landscape Architecture (Peter Walker & Partners). Want to dig into more details? Explore the Salesforce Park Garden Guide.

Walking Trail

The perimeter of the park is a walking trail that spans half a mile. Along the trail are 13 mini botanical gardens with an array of flora and fauna labeled with interpretive signs representing regions of the world. Take a seat on the benches or stroll past lovely groves of redwoods, bamboos, and palms strikingly set among the skyscrapers of SOMA. Spot butterflies and dragonflies beside bamboos and palms. See hummingbirds hovering above flowering agapanthus and honey bees in the lavender patch.

Salesforce Park Hours

May 1 – October 31 | 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
November 1 – April 30 | 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A few things to get on your calendar for visits later this summer are:

Children’s Play Area

Look for the bright yellow structure on a spongy protective flooring between the Central Lawn and the Main Plaza and you’ll find the children’s play area, featuring a climbing rope frame.

Bus Fountain

Artist Ned Kahn’s “Bus Fountain” introduces movement and surprise in an interactive permanent public art installation. Triggered by sensors built into the bus deck below, a delightful sequence of 247 tiny geysers are choreographed to correspond with the coming and going of the buses. Extending more than 1,200 feet on a bed of white and gray granite, the innovative design is one of the world’s longest water artworks.

Main Plaza

Get up close and personal with an oculus surrounded by a bamboo grove. In the middle of the Park, this is the perfect selfie spot. A walkable glass floor is the largest of its kind in the U.S.

The Gondola

This might not be your normal mode of transportation to a rooftop park, but it sure offers a much more scenic ride than the average elevator or escalator. This one-way gondola ride that takes you from ground level to the park.

Get your trip planned to Salesforce Park soon because there’s nothing else like it.

Image credit: https://salesforcetransitcenter.com

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