Sat / 13 June 2020

Volunteer to help a healthcare worker

Looking for a way to give back?  Show your appreciation for healthcare workers and all that they do with a little help from HospitalHero.

The new online platform which connects you with a healthcare worker who might be in need of groceries, lunch, or help with an errand was recently the topic of a article.

HospitalHero, created by San Francisco Bay Area residents Keith Weissglass and Andrew Cantino and built by a team of volunteers, directly connects healthcare workers with a person or business in their town who’s willing to help them out.

“We knew healthcare workers would be hardest hit by the crisis, and we wanted them to have a way to get support regardless of where they lived,” Weissglass told Kron 4. “When we launched HospitalHero, more than 400 volunteers from across the country signed up in just one month.”

So how exactly does the platform work?  Healthcare workers post a request for help with meals, child care, pet care, errands and more on HospitalHero. Then HospitalHero contacts local volunteers to see who can help. When they find a good match, the volunteer uses a unique link to respond privately.

Currently HospitalHero has 450+ volunteers in 48 states and 5 countries and is growing.

You can find more information on the HospitalHero website and Twitter feed.

Image credit: HospitalHero on Twitter

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